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My performance and installation practice incorporates sound, animation, projection, and sculpture, combining mediums to discuss issues pertaining to environmentalism and the importance of place. I am particularly interested in the ways landscapes capture impressions of our behavior. Our technological and material practices have all been imprinted on the landscapes around us, carving our stories into the land materially and ecologically, and forming a memory of our presence. 

My process not only draws on the resources and stories the site offers, but also incorporates personal narratives of family history, memory, and migratory movement as I approach making art in a new space. I build my installation and performance work around the presence of bodies, whether that be my own body as performer or, in the case of my interactive installations, the bodies of others. These installations and wearable pieces are meant to be explored and interacted with, existing as a multisensory experience that invites viewers to observe histories and facets of a place that often go unnoticed. In the process of creating my site specific work, I spend as much time as possible experiencing and observing a place, gathering objects, and collecting sounds. I experiment with ways to allow these objects to speak visually and sonically, building them into site specific instruments, making animations, and editing and manipulating audio recordings.

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